Window Replacement Contractor Beaverton Oregon

HOA Complex windows replacement contract

This project was in every way a big one, lots of new windows, lots of buildings needing new windows and lots of work. This was a massive condominium complex with 25 buildings and on average with 20 windows per building. The team at EvoDesign Ent. LLC was very committed and accomplished all set schedule parameters. With this being a remodeling project, all units where occupied. We would start each window install with removal of old trim then came out the window. New weather barrier, ice and water shield and flashing where installed next. In order to achieve proper installation we had to remove part of the window casing on the inside. The new millguard windows where 1″ thicker than the previous aluminum ones. After all preparations the new windows where installed with out a hitch. New trim and siding followed to complete the window replacement process. Are you looking for a window replacement contractor….Contact us today for more info



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