This deck building project was located in Vancouver, WA. A simple spec home located on the quiet streets of Burnt bridge neighborhood. To make the back yard a more desirable place to relax the owners of this property to hire us as a deck builder to design and build them a deck of their dreams. We used ll pressure treated lumber on construction of the framing for the floor. After we had had the floor down, we in partnership with the owners had selected a desirable and comfortable height for the over head beam that would support the roofing later on. for posts, railing and floor we used a select grade of cedar lumber. For over head beams we used a Douglas fir 6×6. We had sanded them down and applied a stain before installation to make sure they matched well with the cedar down below. To give this deck some more flare we took ordinary Simpson tie down brackets and painted them black. This saved the home owners roughly about 400$ on brackets and tie downs alone, vs the cast iron brackets we wanted. Other money saving Technics where used. Contact us to learn more

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