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Hiring Siding Contractors Portland Oregon

Best Practice Guide

1. Find siding contractors in Oregon

near your area. Most siding contractors are listed in the phone book or online.

-Ask friends, co-workers or neighbors if they have had any siding contractors do work on their house. Get recommendations from them.

-Visit a siding material supply store or home renovation center and ask for siding contractor referrals. [/one_half]

2. Interview potential siding contractors.

Choose 3 contractors and make an appointment with each one to visit your home and explain your needs.

-Choose 3 siding contractors and make an appointment with each one to visit your home and explain your needs.

-Check each siding contractor’s license to ensure it is valid.

-Request a detailed, written quote from each siding contractor.

-Inquire about warranties and work guarantees.

-Get all warranty and guarantee information in writing.

-Examine each contractor’s portfolio.

-Make sure the siding contractor is familiar with and has worked on projects using the type of siding you desire. Some contractors may specialize in certain types of siding, such as seamless vinyl or fiber cement siding.

-Consider each siding contractor’s professional appearance, attitude and willingness to answer questions. The level of professionalism could reflect how seriously the contractor takes his job.

3. Ask each contractor for references.

-Contact each reference and, if possible, visit the homes to view the work done by the siding contractor. [/one_whole]

4. Discuss job details with your siding contractor.

Review specific job responsibilities and expectations, such as old material removal, potential problems and time frame for completion.

-Ask the siding contractor whether he obtains any required permits or if you must get the permits.

5. Select the siding contractor who best meets your budget and needs.

-Obtain a written and signed contract outlining material costs, labor charges, start date and estimated completion date. Include other matters of interest or concern.

-Look up reviews on Yelp or similar sites to make sure previous clients are happy with the work they delivered.

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Siding Contractor Portland Oregon

Siding Contractor Portland Oregon

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